MH 370: Inmarsat Data Released: A Wasted Exercise

For the last several weeks, many have waited for the release of the Inmarsat data.  That event became the focus of the investigation…. an end unto itself.  Well, that data has been released and, as we anticipated, it’s pretty well useless to anyone who deceived themselves into believing that the answers would leap from the page.

The raw data is just that, raw data.  The analytical tools are lacking and, even assuming they had been released, nothing more would really be known except that, if Inmarsat’s techniques are assumed valid and they did the math correctly, their results are accurate.  A whole lot of assumptions.

There is no way the expectations of the families or the media could have ever been satisfied with the release of the data.  In the complete absence of any physical evidence, the investigation is, simply stated, nowhere.

Nothing that is released is ever going to satisfy the families.  The level of analysis to which the raw data must be subjected, coupled with what seems to be an analytical technique whose validity continues to be in question, presents the likely prospect that we will never have answers.

Independent experts are likely studying what has been released.  If history is any indicator, they will conclude either that Inmarsat’s analysis is valid, it’s invalid or the data released is not enough.  None of those answers brings any closure to anything.

The Bluefin is out of the water for, it appears, several months.  The search has stopped.  The controversy, sadness and anger continues.  We continue to have no answers with little, if any, prospect of that changing.

(Originally posted May 27, 2014)

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