MH 370: The Search: Game Changers and Breakthroughs . . . . Revisited

CNN describes it as “Outside group tell governments where to search for Flight 370”  Well, another group of experts has been heard from about where the search should be focused, this time “hundreds of miles southwest of the previous search site.”  This group timed the release of its conclusion to come before a BBC documentary on the missing plane so that, according to them, there would be no question about the independence of their findings.

A cynical person might question the timing and suggest their appears to be more a publicity motive associated with the timing than one of intellectual independence.

If this group truly thinks they can be of help, they should have simply provided their analysis to the Australian search authorities to let them evaluate it and proceed.  Beating a television documentary to press doesn’t really seem to compelling reason to do anything.  After all, and it’s a big “if” given the history of the search so far, if their analysis is accurate, it will withstand scrutiny, inspective of when and by whom it is released.

Once again lost in the shuffle of competing theories and analyses are the families of the passengers, the crew and, whether you agree or not, the airline itself, which is just as much a victim as anyone else.  While families and others have vilified the airline, principally because they’re an easy target, what facts are there that they did anything wrong?  We suggest…none.

Maybe the just reported analysis of where the airplane is located is correct, but unless and until the aircraft is found, we suggest that the “search” stop playing out in public statements and races to beat TV shows and be limited to the confines of the investigation.  The last time we heard about a “game changer,” it was about the “pings.”  This time CNN reports one of the experts talking about a “breakthrough piece of information,” regarding the new location.

We all know how the “game changer” turned out.  Let’s hope this “breakthrough” doesn’t end up in the same place.

(Originally posted June 23, 2014)

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