Do We Really Need Package Delivery by UAS?

The Associated Press recently ran a story, based on a poll it conducted, that Americans were “skeptical of commercial drones.”  Apart from some random comments from those interviewed who either thought UAS were “great,” or they were going to “go amok,” the most interesting part of the poll is that only one in four people interviewed thought that small package delivery – the Amazon model – is a good idea.  39 percent were opposed to it and 34 percent were neutral.  Wow!  73 percent opposed or don’t care!

This may be a situation where the public doesn’t know what it wants until, in this case, Amazon, gives it to them.  That certainly seems to have been a successful model for Apple.  They invent things and then create a demand for things we never knew we needed.

This being said, and there being a lot of talk about the internet and one hour delivery, one has to question, at least based on the AP poll, how much anybody really cares about delivery of a package in an hour.  But, who knows?  The public never knew how much they needed iPhones or iPods or iTunes until Apple invented those and told us how much we needed them.

(Originally posted January 2015)

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