German Wings: The “Why” Question

Looking at the media reports as a whole, the inevitable conclusion one draws is that the co-pilot intentionally flew the aircraft into the ground.  That theory is, seemingly, the only one which explains everything which we know.  What it doesn’t explain is why it occurred.  Right now, at best, we have media reports of torn up sick notes, suggestions about depression and girlfriends, and lots of speculation.

So for now, we assume the suicide scenario is correct.  While everyone is desperate to know why a 27 year old co-pilot who, by all accounts, loved his job and loved flying, would commit suicide taking 149 people with him, let’s avoid the temptations, all too frequently succumbed to by the media, to construct a story out of nothing more than speculation and guesswork.  The search for the “why” or the motive must continue, but we can’t let ourselves become so caught up in the process that a motive is manufactured.

The simple fact is that no answer to the “why” question is better than the wrong answer.

(Originally posted April 2, 2015)

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