Let’s Give Malaysia Airlines A Break

No airplane! No news! No nothing! That is unless you consider the report that Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, is quoted as saying that “Malaysians are stupid.  They don’t know how to manage aviation.”  Link

The statement was reportedly made following the announcement by Malaysian Government investment fund, which controls Malaysia Airlines, that it had hired a German national to run the financially troubled airline.

Let’s take a step back.  The last we heard is that, essentially, there’s nothing new regarding the mystery of Malaysia Flight MH 370.  The latest report is that the mapping of approximately 110,000 square meters of the floor of the Indian Ocean by the Australians is currently underway.  Not a search, but rather a mapping exercise which, as Plane-ly Spoken understands it, is a predicate to actually resuming the search itself.

There’s also a report which suggests to some that the 440 pounds of lithium ion batteries shown on the cargo manifest of MH 370 may have been responsible for bringing the airplane down. Link

Meanwhile, the families of the crew and the passengers, as well as the investigators, have no answers.  As if this wasn’t enough, politicians weighing in with comments on the economics of the international airline industry that can’t possibly make any meaningful contribution to the dialog, even a dialog which remains on hold as the search for evidence continues, doesn’t serve any useful purpose except to further distract from the meaningful efforts underway.

What we do know to date is that there’s no evidence or facts of any kind whatsoever indicating that Malaysia Airlines did anything wrong.  C’mon guys, give them a break.

(Originally posted December 12, 2014)

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