MH 17: Lessons Learned from MH 370

After the months of continuing intrigue surrounding the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, no one could have imagined we would be talking about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.  Almost 300 passengers and crew lost their lives when the aircraft was shot out of the sky, a casualty of the hostilities in that part of the world.

We don’t have to speculate about where the wreckage is located or what caused the aircraft to crash.  However, let there be no doubt about it, there will be plenty of speculation.  After all, without speculation, how do you fill the airwaves 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Let’s hope however that everyone, the media and the “talking heads” alike, have learned something from the media frenzy following MH 370.

Most importantly, let’s not forget about the families of the 300 who perished on MH 17, whatever the cause, or the families of those on MH 370, who still don’t know anything.

The overlay of geo-political issues is clearly the main focus in MH 17.  The Russians blame the Ukrainians.  The Ukrainians blame he Russians.

A few words of caution:

  1. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the investigation of this tragedy should proceed free of the political finger pointing that is already starting.
  2. Let’s refrain from speculation, whether it originates from the media or the never-ending parade of “experts” they bring into their studios to fill airtime.
  3. Let’s remember, first and foremost, this is a human tragedy and not lose sight of the families.
  4. Let’s remember that, unless someone can present facts to the contrary, Malaysia Airlines is just as much a victim as everyone else.
  5. Let’s not look for ways to connect the tragedy of MH 370 to that of MH 17.

The next several weeks are sure to present a series of revelations, some of which will be accurate, many of which will not be.  As the facts unfold, let’s all remember the lessons of MH 370.

(Originally posted July 18, 2014)

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