MH 370: The End Is Nearing…

The mystery of MH 370 has left the front pages and is no longer considered, even by CNN standards, to be “Breaking News.”  Disappearing on March 8, a year ago, an international search effort, led by the Australians, has scoured tens of thousands of square miles of the Indian Ocean.  Even with all that effort, not a single shred of evidence associated with MH 370 has been found.  Everyone, including the investigators, remain confounded as to how a Boeing 777 aircraft, filled with passengers, baggage and cargo, can just disappear.

Both the Malaysian and Australian Governments have repeatedly said they will continue the search until the aircraft is found.

Several days ago, even while expanding the search area, the searchers indicated they don’t know where else to focus the search if they don’t find the aircraft in the area upon which they are focusing [LINK].  The problem is that once they complete the search in the area in which they’re now looking, an area of 23,000 square miles, they’re going to expand the search to 46,000 square miles.  Compounding the problem is winter weather moving in and the depths at which the search is operating.

So far, even with a widening of the search area…NOTHING!

Let’s all hope, for the sake of the families, the aircraft is found.  Whether we ever figure out what happened or not, closure for so many who have suffered with no information for so long, is of paramount importance.  But at the same time, let’s hope those directing the search also have the common sense to know when to end the search.

No one can suggest that the Australian and Malaysian Governments haven’t given it their best shots.  They have already done so.  But nothing can go on forever and, as painful as it may be for the families and as unacceptable as the finality of the effort without closure may be, an aimless search makes no sense.

We certainly hope MH 370 is, for all sorts of reasons, found, but it’s time for everyone, including the families, to start accepting the reality that it may never occur.

(Originally posted June 22, 2015)

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