MH370: Let’s Avoid Hysteria . . . Again

When MH 370 first went missing on March 8, 2014, Plane-ly Spoken was highly critical of the amount of media hysteria and speculation that was taking place.  [Link]

The discovery of what appears to be a piece of a wing of a Boeing 777 aircraft, likely MH 370, is like a short fuse set to ignite an explosion of speculation.  Most 24/7 media outlets have, to a greater or lesser degree, entered the arena with a whole host of aviation, ocean current, marine biology, forensic, criminal and other “talking heads.”  Theories go from, it’s the key to unlocking what happened to, it’s meaningless since it was found 2400 miles from the area the aircraft was flying, 16 months later.  It would be refreshing if just one of the media outlets would call what they’re doing “All Speculation.  All the Time.”

Maybe examination of the piece will yield some answers.  Probably, it won’t.  Either way, speculation is useless and is like a continuing series of gut punches to the families of the crew and passengers, who may very likely never have answers.

And, oh yeah, while we’re talking about the crew, let’s remember there still isn’t a single shred of evidence that the pilot or co-pilot did anything wrong.

Recent reports attributed to unidentified US intelligence authorities that the flight track of the aircraft had to have been directed from the flight deck, has, once again, cast a shadow over the two pilots who, by all accounts, were highly professional, dedicated airmen.  Unlike the Germanwings co-pilot who left an evidentiary trail of medical/physiological problems, these men appear to have been squeaky clean.

Despite this, their character and integrity have once again been called into question.  Despite no evidence they did anything wrong, their memories and families will be forever under a cloud.

Let’s not repeat the mass hysteria and speculation of 16 months ago.  Let’s recognize that oceans are vast and may never, despite how hard we ask or how long we look, give up their answers.

(Originally posted August 3, 2015)

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