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With more than 10 years of experience in the aviation and insurance industries, Erin Rivera counsels clients within the aviation and aerospace sectors. He holds an FAA private pilot license and previously interned as an air accident investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board and, before that, served in the US Air Force as a helicopter flight engineer on board the Sikorsky HH-60G PaveHawk.

Towing Aircraft …Things Don’t Always Go as Planned!

How do accidents happen?  Sometimes, the cause of an accident is hidden.  It is an occurrence that is unexpected and unforeseeable.  Most of the time, it is not.  This video is a case in point. 

UAS: Drones Are Airplanes: Check Your Insurance Policy!

Virtually every businessperson knows that he or she needs insurance to protect their enterprise.  Most are even aware that insurance is not “one policy fits all.”  They have auto insurance to cover their vehicles and drivers, workers compensation insurance to cover workplace injuries, and comprehensive general liability or professional liability insurance to cover the work that is done.  However, it appears that many do not realize that if they use unmanned aircraft, there is likely a hole in their insurance protections.