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Congratulations to LeClairRyan’s Christa Hinckley

Christa Hinckley, a member of our Aviation team, has been named Chairman of the new General, Business and Charter Aviation committee of the American Bar Association: Forum on Air & Space Law. This new committee will serve as a resource for lawyers who not only practice the regular airline world of aviation law, but also charter operators, flight departments, agricultural operations and general aviation. The full link can be found here, which contains committee information and the link to join any one of those committee. Congratulations Christa!

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Just One Month Until The 2018 Aviation Symposium

Plans are finalized, and the clock is ticking louder and louder. There are only a few weeks left until our biggest and best Symposium yet. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so now. In addition to focusing on working with first responders, including the fire department, police department, MEs, EMTs and others, we have panels on: Dealing with the increasingly common issue of the disruptive passenger Hurricanes, hacking, active shooters and other non-aviation aviation emergencies, including effectively using social media Cuba a year later…boom or bust? “I can hack your airplane…” Airline lessons for corporate flight departments And more! …


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The United States Is Not The Only Game In Town

As the Federal Aviation Administration moves forward with its promised rulemaking, let’s not lose sight of the fact that most of the world permits the use of UASs. In a series of continuing posts, we will focus on how you go about operating UASs outside the United States . . . the rules, the procedures, and applicable timelines.  Because of its proximity to the U.S. and the fact that there are so many moviemaking, pipeline, power lines, flare stacks, natural resources and other UAS uses present there, we start this series with Canada.

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UAS: Dear NTSB Member…

You and your staff are the world standard for aviation accident investigation.  You have one of the best jobs in the world.  You hold Presidential appointments.  Pursuant to your enabling legislation, you investigate, analyze and recommend.  You have no power to regulate or enforce.  Moreover, you have the power to criticize when your recommendations are not followed. Your constituency is the American public, the media and the Congress.  In most respects, since you don’t regulate or enforce, you’re pretty much immune from criticism.  What a great job!

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What You Need To Know About the FAA and UASs

Every member of the aviation industry, whether they intend to be in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems business or not, is monitoring what the FAA is doing in the area.  The day is not all that far away when we’ll look up and see unmanned aircraft in commercial operations flying around us.

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