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Morgan W. Campbell counsels and defends major and regional airlines, FAA Part 145 repair stations, component manufacturers, airport authorities, fixed base operators, and other entities in state and federal court. He also represents regulated entities in FAA enforcement actions and internal corporate investigations, and represents airlines, pipeline operators and others in matters pending before the National Transportation Safety Board.

Pipeline Accidents and NTSB Investigations Webinar

We want to thank you for joining in for the Webinar on we hosted on June 13th. While this webinar was not specifically aviation related, we wanted to share it with our readers here at Plane-ly Spoken because it involves the NTSB, which is a frequently covered topic on this blog, and the protocols some of our readers will benefit from when dealing with pipeline accident investigations. During this webinar we also explained how to navigate NTSB investigations to minimize the impact on your company. If you happened to miss it and would like to learn more, please follow this link …


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We Have a Problem on Line 7: NTSB Investigations of Pipeline Accidents

The NTSB increasingly focuses its attention on pipeline accidents and pipeline operators as no major domestic air crash has occurred in nearly a decade. Since January 1, 2008, the NTSB has launched 20 major investigations of pipeline accidents and issued numerous pipeline accident reports. These investigations fuel civil lawsuits, significant public attention, regulatory scrutiny, criminal prosecutions, and political pressure. Join us on June 13 for a complimentary 90-minute webinar where we will explain how to navigate NTSB investigations to minimize the impact on your company. During the webinar, you will gain unique insights from the most recent addition to our …


NTSB: “When We Say It, We Mean It!”

As Plane-ly Spoken has addressed on several occasions, one of the most serious pitfalls for participants in an NTSB investigation involves the unauthorized disclosure of information while the investigation is open.  Well, it has happened again, and the guilty party might surprise you. This time, it was none other than the FAA who violated the Board’s non-disclosure rule.  The circumstances of the violation are a useful reminder that the rule brooks no exceptions.

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Gentlemen . . . Start Your UASs

When has an American industry truly arrived?  When competitions are held and champions crowned, of course.  Embry-Riddle announced its sponsorship of a UAS Challenge in Reno, Nevada, Sept. 12-14, during the 48th annual National Championships (aka the Reno Air Races). The competition will feature an obstacle course, lifting maneuvers and a time trial.  And for those wondering if it runs afoul of the FAA, have no fear – it’s indoors.  Of course, this raises an interesting question.  What if the race were held outdoors?

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UAS: Hasn’t Anyone Heard of Preemption?

As the FAA works towards the issuance of a rulemaking, we see a number of state legislatures starting to step in and fill the void, or, at least, the void which they perceive exists.  According to a recent AP article, citing the National Conference of State Legislatures, bills regulating UASs were introduced in 40 states in 2013.  Thirteen of them became law. As anyone with even a passing interest in the UAS area knows, there are a number of interests in play in this area, including privacy, safety and security.  Every one of the many interests has a constituency.

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